Crazy dude who lives and breathes music, nonstop, EVERY DAY 24/7!

Brian Wrightson is a singer-songwriter from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. He formed the alternative rock band N.A.B.A.S. in the late nineties, which created and performed all original music, and was featured on various popular Chicago radio stations of the time, including Q101 and 94.7 "The Zone." The band generated a local following in Chicago and was consistently sought after to play at reputable music venues, including Congress Theater, 602 North, and many IL colleges. Since then, Wrightson has contributed to other musical projects and collaborations with a plethora of highly accomplished, talented artists.  In 2016, "Falling Now," marked Wrightson's first mainstream solo release in several years.  The success of "Falling Now," has led to several publishing offers, record company inquiries, and of course much more new music to come!!!